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Barbara Maher

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stop chasing your dream


you can have your ALL


This is YOUR Moment!

Are you putting off making changes in your life – until you retire, have enough money, enough training, or you find the right person?

Is it because you are feeling overwhelmed, afraid to take the first step, not sure what the first step is?

Dream ~ Design ~ Dance
My Life, My Way System

Blueprint for Women ready to stop Chasing Your Dream and Start Living Your Dream.

Have you considered – What it is costing you?

  • in personal energy, dragging yourself through each day;
  • in dollars, searching through self-help books, workshops, and retreats that provide a myriad of ‘how to’ without the support to see you through;
  • in time spent on helping others with their plans and believing you need permission to invest time in yourself;
  • feeling disempowered – everyone around you is making decisions about your life.

‘Imagine’ how it would feel:

To throw out that One Size Fits All Plan and create the life you desire.

Have less stress and looking forward to the day and all the new possibilities.

To be recognized as a woman who is generous and confident with her time and abilities and leading the way for future generations – Women Shining.

So if you are:

  • Interested in transformation – interested in making changes in your life. You have a dream, a vision of how you would like your life to be, and ready to look at new life, business, and spiritual success principles.
  • Want to be supported, mentored and coached – willing to be coached – recognize that if you could have done whatever it is you want to achieve alone, you would have done it already.
  • Recognize the gap – from you are to where you would love to be. Where are you now? What do you love about it? What do you not love about it? What could we design that would be a goal, a dream, a vision for your life that would dissolve your discontent and answer your longing?
  • Willing to follow the step by step system that is shown to you – that moves you from one place to a whole new level. A system that creates liberating and freedom making results
  • Are you a woman who identifies that…

    this is your moment.

    You have waited long enough and tried long enough on your own – you are ready now.

  • See that investing in yourself will impact your life in a positive way. You know that this is an investment in yourself – investing in awareness and support so that the dreams, longing, and goals you have for yourself do not just stay in the land of imagination. We will turn them into facts!

I will help you take your first step right here and now!

  • Together we design a plan that works and fits you and your dreams.
  • Together we examine the past messages from family, friends and the media that are holding you back – telling you that you should be happy when in reality they feel like you are settling.

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Find Your Power and Live Your Spirit.

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What Women Are Saying

“Certified Life Coach and founder of Women Shining Magazine and Women Helping Women Fund, Barbara Maher gets results with her straight-forward coaching style.

She challenges her clients to take bold steps forward to personal wellness and business success. Barbara delivers a workshop that gets people thinking and inspired to take actions that will move them towards their goals.”


“I would like to thank you Barbara for being my life coach. You have given me a safe place to open up without judgment. I was able to explore my deepest fears and face them with confidence. The clarity that I gained gave me the freedom to open up and see that I have more options. You have shown me that there is many ways to get to where I want to be in my life. You have given me the gift of believing in myself. I thank you again and recommend this process to everyone.”

Love & Light Arlene

“Over the past couple of months I have had the pleasure of working with Barbara Maher and embracing her 5 step program. With Barbara’s gentle guidance I have been able to see the road blocks I have put up to prevent myself from moving forward. I am now able to see past those blocks and with Barbara’s coaching I am now taking the steps to make my dream my new reality.

If you feel stalled, unhappy or just want a change in your life, I highly recommend this program. It will make the difference- in all areas of your life.”